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How to order

Standard order process is described in the following 5 points:

  1. Send at your motive. For estimating the price offer, we can do with a simple look so far. Please give us:
    • a required size of the carpet with a logo and a number of pieces,
    • where you intend to use the carpet with a logo (a mat, an advertising carpet, exhibitions and other applications),
    • any other requirements for material if needed.
  2. We send our price offer in 24 hours.
  3. If you decide for production of a carpet with a logo, we send you samples of carpets. We send samples only after you specify your requirements for material. Samples are simple - format A4, it´s free of charge and you do not have to send it back.
  4. Delivery term is 24 days (after an agreement express delivery is possible ). We send photos of carpets with a logo during the production.
  5. Carpets and mats are delivered with ± 2 % deviation.
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