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Rubber Carpets




Rubber Carpets

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Industrial mats are oil, lubricant and PHM resistant. it is also used as heavy duty carpets and mats for machinery. Anti slip rubber carpets have widely used in workrooms and business. Rubber carpets may be used for auto advertisement as well as machinery and tools.


Black RAL 9005 - logo or motive may be added to the hem.


96x66 cm, width: 14 mm, weight: 3.95 kg. Rubber carpets are lock free, therefore can be assembled together using glue or gluing tape parts are without locks.


Etonrubber - Rubber NBR, fire resistant DIN 4102/B1, temperature window: from -30 °C to 120 °C, anti slip R10 (DIN 51130/ZH 1/571 ).

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