Logo Mats – Advertising mats

Standard dimensions: 85 x 115, 85 x 150, 115 x 180, 150 x 200 and 150 x240 cm
Large scale: 200 x300, 200x400, 200 x 500, 200 x 600, 200 x700, 200 x 800 and 200 x 1200 cm 

Other dimensions upon request.
Mats with lower dimension than above only available for orders of two pieces or more.

Manufacturing process: Materials and Variations

  • 100% Polyamide 6.6 anti-slip ETC rubber backing with rubber edging. Motifs are created during manufacture
  • 100% Polyamide 6.0 anti-slip rubber backing, full rubber edging. Technology Chromojet
  • 100% Polyamide 6.6 anti-slip rubber backing SBR, full rubber edging. Embedded print technology
  • 100% Polypropylene, vinyl backing with stitched edging and inset cut-outs of other carpet in to an original carpet

 All our logo mats are washable and manufactured in various fibre thicknes and density.

Fibre Polyamide properties:

very tough, flexible and durable material. It withstands dirt and mechanical wear and tear or decay. The Polyamide thread retains its ‘’shape memory’’ (the thread returns to its original position after any pressure or distortion).